Tossface is an emoji font face a Korean (almost) Decacorn company, Viva Republica, created. Tossface initially included a series of intentionally divergent emoji designs, replacing culturally specific Japanese emojis with designs representing related Korean concepts and outdated technologies with contemporary technologies. Unfortunately, these replacements caused backlash from multiple stakeholders, and Viva Republica had to remove the emojis. However, I have proposed returning the emojis using a standard technology known as Unicode Private Area; Viva Republica accepted the request. However these emojis remained uncharted in the Unicode standard, and there was no way to type them. I created this webpage to make it easy to copy these uncharted emojis. This webpage also functions as a visually appealing museum of Korean culture.

Korean 🇰🇷 Emojis

Modern Emojis